Month: July 2016

What to do when you lock yourself out

If you ever lock yourself out your home the first rule is don’t panic! In over half of cases your keys may still be on your person but ended up in a different pocket or different section of your bag. Before you go to the expense of calling a locksmith retrace your steps and think of the places you have been that day. Who else has keys to your home? Do you have a relative, friend or neighbour who has a spare set of keys? How to find a locksmith in your area? Generally referring to Google gives you excellent results based on your current location For example ‘Edinburgh...

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TK Maxx Duvet Dining experience [Review]

Picture yourself in a modern version of a Bedouin tent, being waited on hand and foot by several members of staff, whilst lying back on comfy cushions and luxurious duvets sipping Prosecco, eating tempting tasting menu created by a top chef. This was our experience at TK Maxx’s recent DuvetDining Experience at Marlins Wynd, Blair Street, Edinburgh. The tasting menu was delicious created by Gizzi Erskine comprising – ‘Clear tomato consommé ‘tea’ with tiny vegetable stars and baby Thai basil’- delicate flavours with beautiful star veg presented in an individual tea pot. ‘Goats mousse baby veg patch’ – light goats cheese with ultra fresh veg, tasty and...

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