Throughout July, the Scottish national cricket team will be vying to qualify for the ICC Twenty20 world cup. They have five more matches remaining, starting with the Netherlands in Edinburgh this Saturday. So why not head on down and support our boys as they try and compete for a place with the world’s very best!

John_blain_yuvraj_singh_odiCricket is growing in popularity in Scotland and has been doing so over the past few years. We’re gradually seeing more and more cricket clubs popping up around the country. Young children want to be holding cricket trophies instead of rugby or football ones. It’s a wonderful team sport that anyone can play, and it’s even better in its Twenty20 variety. Still not convinced and think cricket isn’t for you? Then allow me to try and changed your mind! Here are three reasons why you should watch the Scottish cricket team this summer:

Fun Day Out!

Twenty20 cricket is a great way to spend the day enjoying the summer sun. We don’t get nice weather often, so you may as well make the most of it! Unlike with rugby and football, there are rarely any boring Twenty20 cricket matches. The whole idea is for it to be jam packed full of fun for everyone! The aim is to score more runs that the opposing team, but you only have twenty overs to do so. This leads to a day full of big hitting and tension fuelled fun! The atmosphere at a Twenty20 match is second to none, with the crowd cheering and everyone enjoying themselves. It’s a wonderful thing to do if you’re bored and want to liven up your day!

2. Cheap Admission!

The most you have to pay for a ticket this summer is a wee £15! And you get to watch two matches in one day for that price - crazy right? It’s then just £10 for the days with only one match being played (like this Saturday), so it’s fantastic value for money. It’s far cheaper than any other sporting events, hell, it’s probably the same price as a taxi home on a night out! You get to enjoy a high quality international sport, for a ridiculously cheap price. Also, because you save on admission fee’s it gives you a little extra money to spend at the bar.

3. They Need Our Support!

You cheer on all our other sporting teams, so it’s time you cheered the cricket team too! The boys in blue need our support to carry them home. What’s the point in having home advantage if you don’t have a crowd behind you? Get on down to the matches and cheer them on from the stands. Cricket in Scotland needs support if it’s going to continue to grow and thrive. It can give our lads the push they need to do well and improve. The more support it gets, the better it is for the sport in our country. We pride ourselves on our patriotism, so get your tickets and support Scottish cricket.