Thirteen years after its last season, acclaimed comedy-drama Cold Feet is back. Joining it’s established cast is Leanne Best who, after a year that saw her take on three dramatic roles simultaneously, is ready to meet her new, biggest challenge, head on…

20ee57b87736affb (1)It’s a tough ask being the new kid on the block, regardless. When you’re Leanne Best, however, and you’ve just joined the cast of the award winning and much loved Cold Feet in time for its hotly-anticipated return to our screens, those nerves become, understandably, even more pronounced.

With well-received roles in Home Fires, Line of Duty and Undercover bringing the Liverpool-born actress to the attention of show creator Mike Bullen, the call to join the landmark ITV show ended a hectic and fulfilling year for Best, who was whisked straight into the action without a moment’s delay.

“It had already been a busy year, and then we started filming in January!” she exclaims. “It was probably good that it was so quick, otherwise I’m sure I would have got nervous about joining one of the biggest, if not the biggest, TV shows we’ve made in Britain for a while.”

With such a sizeable void left when the original show bowed out in 2003, the pressure on the original cast to live up to the expectations of fans was vast, let alone for newcomer Best. For such a dedicated actress, however, those initial fears were quickly allayed.

“There were nerves going in, but when you’re there and doing the work, everyone is so invested in the story and making it great on a daily basis that you just focus,” she says. “Everyone is aware of the anticipation, but everyone just wants to do their jobs.”

An added bonus, of course, was the ease at which the original cast – including household names like James Nesbitt, Faye Ripley and Hermione Norris – took the new charges under their wing.

“It was only me making myself nervous, because everyone was so warm and welcoming,” Best laughs. “Everyone is just so excited about picking up the story and seeing what these characters have been doing.”

This desire to catch up with Adam, Pete, Jenny et al, Best says, is what has influenced the return of Cold Feet – and has kept the characters and their stories alive for the thirteen years since they quit our screens seemingly for good.

“It’s like an amazing album that’s both a generational thing, and something that then gets rediscovered and rediscovered over and over again,” says Best of Cold Feet’s legacy. “It resonated with so many people, and that’s a testament to how enduring those stories and characters were, and are. That demand for those characters is still as strong as it ever was, and that’s been the driving force behind this new series.”