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Merkel ready to cede on minimum wage to secure coalition

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has signalled her readiness to accept the Social Democrats’ (SPD) demand for a legal minimum wage in order to secure their agreement to form a governing coalition, as negotiations enter the final stretch. Merkel began preparing her conservatives for a compromise by telling a Christian Democrats (CDU) youth rally late on Friday that the 8.50 euros per hour pay floor which the SPD demands “will play a role” in future. “It won’t be our vision of a minimum wage,” she added, conceding her party was unlikely to get its own way over the SPD on the issue. That forced her to seek a deal with the SPD, which had its second worst result of the post-war period but remains Germany’s second-biggest party. Read more here: Yahoo Politics News...

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Innergie PocketCell Duo Review

Those of us who remember the first mobile phone revolution long before the days of smart phones will look back and remember fondly when a full days use from a mobile without charging was common place, in fact it was not unusual to get 2-3 days in some cases. In the days of powerful smart phones these battery times are a mere memory with many smart phone power users only getting through half a day before the familiar ‘BATTERY LOW’ beep. It is commonly accepted that lower battery life is the price we pay for modern function such as...

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