eastlothianatwar.co.uk brings World War Two to those keen to learn how this cataclysmic event affected the Scottish county of East Lothian. For all its quiet rural character East Lothian experienced the first German aircraft shot down over the mainland in the war, the first German PoWs taken in the war and the arrival in 1945 of a German delegation to arrange the surrender of German forces in Norway. Squeezed between these headline events was anything from Haddington’s air raid in 1941 to the activities of the Womens Land Army. How many know of the activities of S.O.E. in running a radio operator training school in Belhaven School, of the existence of a school for Jewish refugees in Whittingehame House or of experiments with the radar jamming foil called Window opposite the Bass Rock and Tantallon? The author of the site, David Haire, is adding his own researches to the storehouse of information painstakingly gathered over forty years by Jack Tully Jackson in Haddington. The site is photo-rich and eye-witness accounts are an important element. The latter range from the experiences of an Arctic convoy survivor to a Polish soldier who escaped from captivity in Rumania to fight the Germans with both the French and British armies. Any site like this depends upon finding people with a tale to tell, so, if you are such a person, why not get in touch via the contact link and see your own or your family’s experiences up on the web.