Innergie LifeHubT Review

Giving you the ability to charge 3 USB devices with 1 product

We all know the problem of too many cables but nowadays that problem is not just confined to behind the TV. Most of us have multiple handheld devices from phones, tablets and many other handhelds.

Nearly all these devices use USB chargers with the option of a power brick. Even with multi adapters the plug space and cable tangles soon become a nightmare and you can feel like a prisoner on your own sofa.

The Innergie LifeHub offers a fantastic solution to free up some cable real estate. In its simplest for the Innergie LifeHub is a USB hub connected to a plug.

You can see from the image below that the product has a coiled plug giving the Innergie LifeHub  great reach. However the USB pod that houses the 3 separate USB charging ports can also be detached to add further length and flexibility to the product.

Where this product really comes into its own is in the travelling market. You have all the same issues with wires in a hotel but with fewer sockets and in general you will be carrying more handheld devices  that require daily charges. Personally when travelling I carry the following devices

  • Smartphone

  • Partners Smartphone

  • Tablet

  • Kindle (Paperwhite)

  • Digital Camera

Very few hotel rooms have enough sockets to accommodate charging these items. The problem is further amplified when travelling abroad with foreign power sockets.

Having the Innergie LifeHub abroad meant that every night myself and my partner where able to charge both our smartphones and tablet or camera.

The product has some negatives but below I will list some PROS and CONS[custom_list type=”check”]


  • Excellent for foreign travel especially abroad

  • Large reach

  • Charge 3 devices at once

  • compact

[custom_list type=”x”]



  • Ambient blue light is too bright during the night time

  • Product can get very hot[/custom_list]

In conclusion this product for me is the ideal travel companion. Although still useful in the home I believe this is where the Innergie LifeHub really comes into it own

  • Design 90%
  • Usability 75%
  • Value 95%
  • Build Quality 65%

Where this product really comes into its own is in the travelling market.

Paul Finch