Those of us who remember the first mobile phone revolution long before the days of smart phones will look back and remember fondly when a full days use from a mobile without charging was common place, in fact it was not unusual to get 2-3 days in some cases.

In the days of powerful smart phones these battery times are a mere memory with many smart phone power users only getting through half a day before the familiar ‘BATTERY LOW’ beep. It is commonly accepted that lower battery life is the price we pay for modern function such as large vivid high resolution screens, GPS, fast mobile data and constant connection to email, Facebook and twitter etc to name a few.

To keep your battery topped up on the go is not an easy task, it requires you to be at a location with a charge point and be there long enough to get any benefit. 2nd or even 3rd Batteries are an option however only in devices which support battery replacement.

A fantastic solution to this is the Innergie PocketCell Duo. Imagine being in a car that has ran out of fuel on a long stretch of motor way. This isn’t a problem if you have a spare fuel canister in the back. This is exactly what the Innergie PocketCell Duo is but for your phone.

The device can be charged through the USB port in your PC or Laptop or through mains adapter if you have a USB plug convertor (not included).

Once charged you can then use this mini power reserve to charge virtually any USB device such as Apple or Android phones, portable games consoles or tablets using the 3 in one power cable that comes with the pack. Better still the device can charge 2 separate devices simultaneously.

Here is a quick video of how the device works


Personally I have a Galaxy SIII a new smart phone that demands a lot of power if you use all of its features. My average day on the phone will consist of:

» 3-4hrs playing music or streaming podcasts

» Constant checking various work & personal emails

» Checking and posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

» Taking a few photos

» Using google maps or google navigation if required

» Playing games if on public transport.

This makes me a pretty solid user and most of the bells and whistles on the phone including Screen brightness will be turned up to maximum.

Taken as an average from a full charge my phone will last 7-8 hrs (not enough to make it back home after work)

Using the Innergie PocketCell Duo has really improved my Smart Phone experience from full it will charge my phone on the go get around an additional 8-10hrs depending on use. The website claims on a smart phone to deliver 30+ hrs of talk time however in my experience this would be unlikely.

This is really a life saving device not just for everyday use but for use on long trips on public transport or planes/train journey. In an emergency situation or when abroad this device could genuinely be your best friend.

To Summarise:


1.Good charge time 8-10hrs on samsung galaxy SIII

2. Charges any USB device

3. Perfect for situations where there is no mains power

4. Can charge 2 devices at once

5. Recharge time is very quick

6. Slender and elegant design


1. 3 in 1 cable is clunky and short better to use your phones or devices native cable

2. Charge time not as good as advertised but still good

3. £59.99 on Amazon is a fair price but higher priced than battery USB portable chargers



If you are a smart phone power user, frequent user of public transport or frequent flyer then this device could easily become your best friend.

If you have the ability to charge your phone at your workplace or car then this might not be for you but certainly could come in very handy when on trips away.