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Recycle your headphones and get 45% off a new pair with ColourYourWorld by Urbanz

  • The UK produces over a million tons of electronic waste every year
  • That’s the equivalent weight of 2400 jumbo jets
  • All our e-waste goes to landfill – often in poor developing countries is a new campaign by ColourYourWorld by Urbanz to raise awareness of e-waste by calling on people to recycle their old or broken headphones, which will lower the amount of toxic e-waste going into landfill and damaging our precious planet.

Currently there are no schemes for recycling headphones in the UK. However, thanks to, ethical music lovers can now post their headphones to a UK address to be responsibly recycled.

Music lovers can also opt to receive 45% off a new pair of ColourYourWorld by Urbanz headphones priced £15 or more.

Got a minute? Here’s how it works:

Doing your bit has never been so easy 

Do you normally chuck your old headphones in the bin?  Now you can dispose of them with a clear conscience by simply filling out the form on Place an order and you’ll be sent your order (with 45% off) with free P&P and a returns packet to return your broken headphones for recycling.

What’s not to love?

Why is e-waste such a big problem?

  • E-waste is extremely toxic to humans and the environment contaminating soil, air and sea
  • Global e-waste is set to reach 65.4 million tons by 2017
  • That’s enough to fill a line of 40 ton Lorries all the way from the UK to Australia and back

Every pair of headphones recycled is one less pair of electronic waste going into landfill.   And with over 280 million headphones sold worldwide each year, that’s a lot of headphones. 

Making responsible choices for the future of our planet 

ColourYourWorld by Urbanz is a registered recycler, which means your old headphones will be responsibly recycled by trustworthy and accredited recycling partners and won’t be contributing to the contamination of our planet.   

Other people do their bit, do you? 

Just click, send, and let us do the rest.  All you have to do is choose a new pair! Whether you’re sporty, colour crazy, neon obsessed or simply into good music, there’s a pair of headphones to suit everyone. Check out some of the ColourYourWorld by Urbanz range here.

Register your headphones within 30 days and you’ll also qualify for a lifetime warranty against genuine faults. 

National Recycling Week 

From 17 to 23 June, National Recycling Week aims to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling and why it’s important for the future of our planet.  Why not get involved and download one of our posters to for your school or club and share with mates.

Or help us spread the word on Twitter @CYWbyUrbanz and tell your friends by

We’re also offering a free pair of G-FIT headphones to the first 100 people to tweet www.recycleyourheadphoneswith hashtag #RecycleYourHeadphones.