Back by popular demand after multiple successful tours, Scottish Opera’s FEVER! will be rehearsed and performed by thousands of primary school pupils across Scotland.

Created especially for children in primaries 5, 6 and 7, the show features music by Alan Penman and lyrics by Allan Dunn, the same duo behind other Scottish Opera offerings for young people such as The Undersea World of Bubble McBea (2008) and Revolution! (2009).

Schools are provided with high quality teaching resources, including a teachers’ support pack to help introduce the songs from FEVER! to pupils in advance. A team of performers and arts education specialists then spend a day rehearsing and preparing the pupils for a choreographed, full-costumed performance of FEVER! for parents, friends and schoolmates.

The show follows a young boy who becomes ill with a mysterious disease. His doctors desperately try to find a cure. Meanwhile, members of the press rush to the hospital, clamouring for a big story. With the possibility of a worldwide epidemic, all they care about is the scoop. As the doctors try to calm the situation, a possible cure is discovered and injected into the boy, and that’s when the story really takes off.

FEVER! takes pupils on an exciting journey, learning the benefits that biomedical science offers humanity, looking at the basic mechanics of the human body, and exploring the impact of press and media on today’s society.

FEVER! is designed to help teachers deliver core elements of the Curriculum of Excellence such as social studies, history, technologies, literacy and citizenship.

Scottish Opera’s Director of Outreach and Education, Jane Davidson said:

“Our annual Primary Schools Tour is one of the longest established programmes at Scottish Opera – every year around 10,000 children see or take part in these performances.

This year, we have brought back the ever-popular FEVER!, a production that gives pupils not just the chance to perform, but also to learn more about the process of putting an opera or theatre performance together. We aim to give students the chance to explore their creativity, build confidence, develop new skills and most of all have a great time doing all of that.”