You know the feeling of playing a great game and thinking “I wish I was able to make a game with all my great ideas”. For the more Tech Savvy people this can be an easy task. For the rest of us however, it is not so easy.

There are lots of resources on the internet and in books to help the budding game developer get their teeth into game development and one of the best out there is the book “Slick2D Game Development”.

Slick2D is a game creation library for the Java Language. It allows the user to go from a blank screen to a full on platformer in little time at all.

The book covers a range of examples to help get you firmly understanding the Java and Slick2D language such as:

  • Setting up the Slick2D library
  • Allowing the player to control the game
  • Drawing graphics
  • Adding sounds
  • Making a game from scratch

Coming from a BASIC and C# background myself, I was worried that I would struggle to understand the Java language and use Slick2D the way I wanted to. My worries were cast aside though as soon as I started reading. The book covers everything that a new or old game developer would need to either learn or sharpen their skills.

In conclusion, The Slick2D Game Development book covers all the topics that a game developer would need to start making great games.


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  • Very detailed instructions
  • Example game helps get more insight into the game creation process




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  • Hard to understand without a basic knowledge of programming concepts


Find out more about Slick2D here or find the book here.