Tech21 launches Evo Mesh Sport for Iphone 6 and 6 plus

  • Quality 95%
  • Design 90%
  • Materials 80%
  • Feel 95%
  • Value 95%


Overall Score


Overall this product is fantastic. Read our full review below.


October 2014 saw the release on the Iphone 6 and 6+, both are a pretty radical shift from the Iphone norm.

It would seem that the term ‘bigger is better’ is now the norm in the smart phone community. Big can also be beautiful as both devices are very aesthetically pleasing. However sometimes in the quest for aesthetic perfection the ergonomic needs come 2nd. A bigger phone means harder to hold; add to this the new rounded corners and you have a recipe for disaster.

Although robust a drop from any height is going to cause damage, at least a chip or scratch or at worst a screen shatter.

The solution is to use a case, for apple devices there are virtually limitless option. That being said with a device that cost ‘from £500+’ you don’t want to scrimp on protection.

Tech 21 bring an array of choices to the table but for this review we will focus on the Evo Mesh Sport

The look & feel

As you can see from the video below the case is slender with lots of subtle textures to make holding the case a pleasure. The rubberised plastic feel gives the Iphone a much needed gripping surface.

Something I was very impressed with is the button shells, in general these can really impede the functionality of the buttons but in this case they work superbly even when the screen flap is closed over. This is something you certainly cannot say with many of the cheap and sometimes expensive cases.

The choice of colours available adds a much needed injection of personality away from the Standard apple pallet of Silver, Grey and Gold and allows you to chose a more vivid colour.

Also the cases closely resemble the colours on the new apple watch straps/bands (in the sport edition).

In conclusion let’s look at some pros & cons


  • Added grip (much needed in this device)

  • Fantastic button shells

  • Weight (if you prefer a heavier device)

  •  Added rigidity to the back

  • Great choice of colour 


  • Adds an extra size to an already large device

  • Less premium feel than metal

  • Weight (if you prefer a lighter device)

The cons in this case (pardon the pun) are not exclusive to Tech 21 but really the reality of using a case on any device. With the ergonomics of the Iphone 6 I would say that a quality case is almost a necessity. Out of all the options I would recomend the Tec 21 case, my preference would be with the cover however  Tech 21 also do a cover with no screen cover.

FAQ’s from Tech 21

1. What’s the difference between Classic Shell with Cover and Classic Shell?

Unlike Classic Shell, Classic Shell with Cover features a flip-over screen cover integrated with D3O® impact material for additional screen protection against drops and knocks.

2. Which parts of my device does Classic Shell with Cover?

Classic Shell with cover surrounds the back and sides of your device, with an impact protective flip-over screen cover for additional screen protection against bumps and drops.

3. Does Classic Shell with Cover allow for access to all features of my device?

Yes, Classic Shell with Cover allows for access to all buttons and controls.